Jungle Publics v1.0

—Collective Knowledge-Making for Radical Anticolonialism

Welcome to the new-old jungle, where every conversation is a step towards reimagining how we relate to our planet and each other.

This publication is an act of epistemic protest and wild hope. Our ambition is to consolidate a group of insurgent maker-thinkers—radical, multisectoral, interdisciplinary, and committed to the growing call for urgent civic transformation and planetary regeneration. To that end, we intend to build a body of what we call "nexus literatures”—intersectional entry points into critical, anticolonial, and liberatory discourses on art, design, language, culture, policy, and science.

Given the nature of our work, we are actively seeking collaboration and community. Please reach out with pitches, tips, corrections, amplifications, feedback, or just to chat by emailing us at junglepublics@gmail.com.

Our growing transdisciplinary community comprises of artists, curators, academics, designers, scientists, psychologists, researchers, systems thinkers, strategists, transition experts, and more, from around the planet including Anique Jordan, Charlene Sequeira, Irina Wang, Lilly Manycolors, Meghana Sharma, Mimi Shyngyssova, Nithin Shams, Poppy Spowage, Prarthana Sham, Prateek Shankar, Protyasha Pandey, Tabish Rafiq Mir, Tim Maly, and Valerie Navarrete, with support from colleagues at the Center for Complexity, Politics for Tomorrow, the 10x100 network, OFF/TRACK, and the Global Arts & Cultures department at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Jungle Publics is led by Prateek Shankar, Valerie Navarrete, and Meghana Sharma.
Identity design by Mimi Shyngyssova.

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Collective knowledge-making for radical anticolonialism